A Strangers Dog

So anyone that knows me knows that I have a clear obsession with dogs. All dogs big, medium, small, black, white or brown I love them all. Something happens to my brain when I see dogs and I would love to tell you a couple of those stories. So here it goes.

A couple months ago at work right before we closed (at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic) a woman comes into the store to do a little bit of last minute shopping and I was happy to help. As she was trying on a couple of items in the fitting room I looked out the front door of the store and low and behold I saw a dog in her car with the windows cracked open. It was the highlight of my day! She came out of the fitting room and I ecstatically screeched at her, "I SAW YOUR DOG IN YOUR CAR!" like she didn't already know that she had HER dog in HER car. She took it all in good humor and realized that I am just a really loud dumbass. So I totally could not shut up about that dog during the whole checkout process and she informed me that she did not just have one dog in the car but TWO. Yes, TWO dogs that I was already in love with that I just had to meet. So She asks me if I want to go pet her bulldog and her two pound chihuahua. I was all like, "fuck yeah I do and it would be my pleasure." I literally said "my pleasure" like my stupid ass was interviewing to run the drive through at Chic-Fil-A. Dog lady seemed nice enough and all by why would I go to a complete strangers car to go pet dogs? It's a really bad idea and not even remotely safe. So anyways as I was walking to her car to go see her dogs she seemed just as excited as I was. She opened her car door and out came two glorious ball of furry love! I played with her dogs and it was the best moment of my life that day. She still brings her dogs to see me at work every so often so I feel that my title has changed from the Assistant Store Manager to Honorary Dog Aunt.

The next random dog incident happened just last night around 11:00pm when it was pitch black out. Darren and I had just pulled the boat into our slip at the marina and my little tipsy self decided that I was going to help Darren by taking some of our stuff up to the car. On my way back down to help him some more I saw this older gentleman walking a German Shepard down to the boat slip so I did what any responsible woman would do in the middle of the night around a random man and I stopped to ask him if I could pet his dog. To my surprise he said yes. So my drunk ass sits down in the dark parking lot by the dumpster and I start petting his dog. He informed me that the dogs name is Fang and I just knew that I had found my new best friend. I asked him if we could walk down to our boat slip so I could show Darren the dog. He said that we could and Darren was not near as enthused as I was. so I get my final pet in and the guy walks off laughing. Darren is now mad because I didn't help him cover the boat and blah blah blah. We get back to the camper and I pass clean out. All in all it was a good night for me.

I guess my point in this whole post is that one day I will probably get kidnapped by a serial killer because I wanted to pet their dog. I literally went to a strangers car on one occasion and sat in a dark parking lot by a dumpster on the other all to pet dogs. When the good Lord says it's my time to go then I hope he has a dog because I will probably argue with him if he doesn't. I can tell you though that if Ted Bundy was still around he would have loved my dumbass because he would just have to ask me to come see his dog.

Chels O.

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