Jalapenos and Hoohas

I absolutely love peppers of all kinds. I love to eat them fresh, grilled, smoked or even dehydrated. I chose to slice up some jalapenos last summer and make some fresh salsa so I did just that. So there I am in the kitchen going all slicey dicey and I'm gettin' my choppin' on. Peppers, onions, tomatoes and cilantro oh my! So I get all the goods blending away in the blender and then I placed everything in a bowl. I was making the salsa to take out to the lake for family and friends so I put in in the fridge to enjoy it at a later time. I decided to run upstairs and take a shower to wash off the mid morning funk that I was oh so fashionably sporting. I shoot up the stairs while singing Bruno Mars greatest jams and in the process I start ditching the clothes I had on. As soon as I sat down to pee and wipe my kitten there was a very strange burning sensation. Not the sensation of an unknown one night stand but one of those kitty burner fiery taint ticklers. As the tears welled up in my big blue eyes I knew that I was in over my head. It was just too much for anyone to take in, at least in this life anyways. I had to run myself a COLD bath and put baking soda in the water just to neutralize the hooha fire that I had going on. I prayed, oh I prayed! I prayed to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Greek gods, Egyptian gods and the ice cream man down the street. As I quickly bobbed and weaved my torched cat in the cold water the burning slowly started to dissipate but the charcoaled remains were still burned into my brain. Once I was out of bath I literally had to lay on the bed spread eagle with the fan blowing at full speed and before you ask, no there were no meat flaps flying just tears running down my defeated face. I cried myself to sleep and was knocked out for about an hour before I came to my senses. Once awake I tried to shower once again but with success this time. I have not learned to wash my hands with Dawn Dish Soap before touching anything after cutting peppers. I hope that you all can learn from this lesson and dark chapter in my life. Wash your hands, save a cooter.

Chels O.

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