Welcome To The Family Round 2

The people that you surround yourself with are the ones who make or break you. I choose to surround myself with love, light, dumbfounded men and sassy women. I want everyone to feel as they are a part my my inner circle family so it is very important to me that you know who they are when they are called out for their mischievous deeds.

Evelyn aka Chach- my grandmother. She is my partner in crime, baker of the cookies, supporter of my goals and lactose intolerant. She has deep southern roots in Louisiana and once whipped my ass for ripping her shirt when I was mid tantrum. She taught me a very valuable life lessons one of which is to rock back and forth on the toilet if I am constipated.

Angela- Darrens Sister. Angie is a unique creature. She is my lake buddy and one of my best friends. She is always up for some thrift shopping even though she is terrified of bed bugs and "the rona". She is the very reason that I have a meltdown when someone yells, "group hug!"

Ashley- friend. Ashley and I grew up together. We went from innocent children to asshole teenagers to semi-productive adults. She now has a daughter and is married to Matt. Ashley and I have more drunken nights than I can recall at this moment but I will tell you all about them later.

A.J.- my black dog. She is probably possessed by the devil himself. She is loving if you know her but an enemy if you don't. She has terrible separation anxiety so 99% of the time I cant even drop a deuce by myself.

Rilee aka The Blonde Sausage aka Frankfurt- my chunky dog. Rilee is the sweetest dog ever. She listens and just wants all the love. She is big boned and not afraid to strut her corgie style badonkadonk.

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