You’re Just A Rag

A rag? What the fuck is that anyways? Everytime there is an argument with Darren’s dumbass he calls me a “rag”. Like dude, I have no clue what that is. I mean, I have a general idea of it being someone that relentlessly nags but that’s just not the case. Since he has so graciously announced to others that I am a “rag” then I feel that it is only fair that I list some (the ones that I can remember) of my rag behaviors.

Please read below…

Asking him to rinse his dishes

Asking him to put his dishes in the dishwasher

Asking him to clean the bathroom

Asking him to not spit chew in the kitchen trash

Asking him to flush the toilet with Chew in it

Asking him to vacuum the living room

Asking him not to drive my car over curbs

Asking him to stop antagonizing me to the point of tears so he can get a good laugh in

Now with this being said please keep in mind that he has not done the dishes, cleaned the bathroom or vacuumed in about 3 years. The are simple things that I ask him to do that interrupt his daily routines of crossword puzzles, tik toks, video games and Facebook. He pretty much moved out of the house 3 years ago and wants praise for coming home two nights a week. Umm, no. You will get nothing and like it.

I have a strange feeling that he secretly likes having dirty things and by dirty things I mean his toothbrush that I literally have to switch out for him and probably some lake rat that is his side chick. Well, since it is 1:05 am and I am all over the place I should probably go study the origin of “rag” so I can shove that stupid fucking word up his butthole.

Peace, Love & Light


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